Little more on Threads in Java

"Threads in Java" is a wide topic to cover in a single post and a one with hell lot of details all around the web.
In this series of posts I'm planning to cover on following topics:
       1. Terms Used in Concurrency
       2. Monitors And locks
       3. Threads States
       4. Concurrency Package
       5. Thread Pools
       6. Threads in Spring

Being a Working MOM

"A Woman Can't Have It All!" - Indira Nooyi said that in an interview. Working mom is the one who understands the inside story of it. Having a full time professional career and bring up kids altogether is not an easy task, but definitely not an impossible one.

As like any man, a woman too starts her career with tons of passion, ambition and pride. She too marches in par with (might be ahead of) her male colleagues in each step until the stagnation point of balancing between life and work hits. There are quite of lot of women who have given up their career to bring up their kids. Percentage of women at executive levels in any corporate/institution is merger in comparison with that in the entry level.

On the professional front she struggles to give up and leave behind the dreams, ambitions and passion which she lived upon once. On the personal side, she is not ready to compromise on cooking he kid's favourite or spending quality time with the kid in the mid of hectic dea…

OCMJEA - Resources

Software Estimation

Being worn-out with just project estimation and re-estimation alone for the past few months, why not write some thing about software estimation though its not a small topic for me write few lines and finish off. So, here goes a very small snap-shot...

As like the saying, 'Don't fail to plan unless you plan to fail', a crystal clear planning is the basic necessity for successful execution of a project and estimation forms of the one important basics of the plan.

By Software estimation what we estimate on:
        1) Effort: Estimation of amount of work to be done. Eg: Number of Function Points involved or LOC to be developed.
        2) Time & Cost: Time needed to get the work done. Usually expressed in work-months/man-months/Person-weeks.
        3) Resource: Involves estimation of hardware (Well we can't develop a cloud management system with just 2 Desktop terminals!), software (Need to pay for MS products!), human resource (most important part: rightly skilled human …


Can't stop again! Renewing my blogging habit after a long time, its been a long interval this time.
Can't imagine how I missed blogging while there were a lots happening around... Oracle Acquisition of SUN, Booming of Social Networks, UPA's second term, Introduction of CSAT, SCAM filled CWG.... in the personal front: moving back to Chennai, its unbearable climate ... a lot more.
But now, I pledge to continue non-stop over the hurdles.

It's cloudy everywhere

Cloud Computing !!! Cloud Computing !!! Cloud Computing!!!! - Its Cloud everywhere. So, whats that? Something like grid computing? Is it providing Hardware as a Service along with SaaS ?
Some interesting short videos which explains this, really interesting:

To be Java programmer is unfair??

"Employement agencies only need Java programmers" - Is it unfair?
Got the reference from a tweet of Sun, a choir from Finland:

But few more to muse about, "Women are still paid less than men", "Jobs go to China".